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Howard Johnson (HoJo)

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Thanks for visiting our website. You've just taken the first step in becoming a better baseball coach.  Coaching baseball can be gratifying but in today’s competitive environment successful coaching requires adopting approaches to teaching the fundamentals in a whole new way.

We often wonder why baseball is taught the same way NOW as when our fathers and coaches coached us 20 years ago or even more. The simple answer is that most coaches teach baseball the way they were taught.  The problem is that most of what’s being taught was based on “theories” and old school methodologies. With all the technology we have access to we owe it to our young baseball players to teach them proper baseball techniques. We spend countless hours analyzing video and creating unique baseball-specific training programs and drills that reinforce these techniques.
What you’ll learn will change the way you look at coaching baseball forever. is committed to becoming the unanimous choice of baseball coaches at all levels to further their baseball knowledge. Please explore our core educational information…